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has 因为你现在说话的时候 昨天已经过去了 至于为什么不是had 因为 正在你说的时候 是已经过去。 仔细体会一下就能明白

candice 的yesterday is gone

I won't even try to pretend that I know 我不会假装知道 What you're going through every day 你每天都在做什么 At least you don't hide the tears you let them show 至少你没有藏起那些泪水, It makes it a bit easier to tell when you ...

歌曲名:yesterday's gone 歌手:Beth Orton 专辑:superpinkymandy Look at the priest and the blood and the fire?? Weighted down with metal, I wonder why? Haven't we moved further in time Haven't we advanced along the line Yesterday ...

Oh don't, don't cry a tear when you're alone with all your fears Oh I, I'll be with you if you are sad and feeling blue 'cause I give you hope and I show you love I give you all I can't get enough Refrain: Tonight there is a ne...

应是has gone 现在完成时

不好意思 这个我也不知道啊

someone's watching over me hilary duff 的,我很喜欢她哦 http://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=ms&tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lf=&rn=&word=someone%27s+watching+over+me+&lm=-1

yesterday is gone 昨天已经过去; 昨天已逝 双语例句 1 All I know is yesterday is gone. 我所知道的只是昨天已经过去。 2 The Iran of yesterday is gone, the Iran of tomorrow not yet born. 昨天的伊朗已经不存在,而明天的伊朗还没有诞生...

Where are the times gone 过去的时光跑哪去了 Baby...But is it too late to try? 是不是也太难挽回...Cause you forgot yesterday 因为你把昨天给遗忘 I ...

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