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yEstErDAy is gonE

has 因为你现在说话的时候 昨天已经过去了 至于为什么不是had 因为 正在你说的时候 是已经过去。 仔细体会一下就能明白

candice 的yesterday is gone

someone's watching over me hilary duff 的,我很喜欢她哦 http://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=ms&tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lf=&rn=&word=someone%27s+watching+over+me+&lm=-1

不好意思 这个我也不知道啊

Oh don't, don't cry a tear when you're alone with all your fears Oh I, I'll be with you if you are sad and feeling blue 'cause I give you hope and I show you love I give you all I can't get enough Refrain: Tonight there is a ne...

歌曲名:Yesterday 歌手:KDrew 专辑:Free, Vol. 3 Yesterday-KDrew My darling you don't, Know a single thing about my past, Cause if you did you'd hurt and run away without asking. So what you wanna know you don't wanna know (Cause ...

是说的朴慧京的《yesterday》?以下是关于100首含有yesterday的歌曲,希望能帮到你。 1.是爱 P. R. C. yesterday All My Dreams They Seemed So V ... 往事都忘了吧我要说 yesterday All My Dreams They Seemed So V ... 往事都忘了吧我要说 yes...

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