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Article 2 Fire control work shall follow the policy of devoting major ... Article 11 The fire proof performance...


proof of identity 英[pru:f ?v ai?dentiti]美[pruf ?v a??d?nt?ti] [释义] 标识证明; 身份证明 不同的学校的gpa算法不同,比如举两个例子 中国人民大学版本 百分制分数 等级 绩点 90-100 A 4.0 86-89 A- 3.7 83-85 B+ 3.3 80-82 B 3.0 76-79 B-...

detailed proof 直接翻译是“详细证明”。 relavant work experience 是指相关工作经验。所以要写出之前曾经做过什么相关的行业,最好能写出对工作的熟悉度。



proof of English proficiency by submitting TOEFL scores of at least 550 (...that have completed community college or university-level work at a U.S. ...

2. They charged their opponents cheating, but they could produce no solid proof. 3. The musician's success has a lot to do hard work. 4. The old...

要的是不是 ExcelMUI.msi 这个文件,需要留下mail

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